Bronze statuette Impala antelope


  • Material and production: bronze, cast, patina, handmade
  • Dimensions: L.  5.118 in (13 cm) х W. 2,362 in (6 cm) х H. 7,874 in (20 cm)
  • Weight: 0,950 kg
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Bronze statuette Impala antelope

The deer collection is a bronze collection of statuettes.
A good gift for animal collection

The Impala is a medium-sized antelope found in eastern and southern Africa. The Impala reaches 70–92 centimetres (28–36 inches) at the shoulder and weighs 40–76 kg (88–168 lb). It features a glossy, reddish-brown coat.

The Impala is found in woodlands and sometimes on the interface (ecotone) between woodlands and savannahs; it inhabits places close to water. The impala is widespread across its range and reintroduced in Gabon and southern Africa.

The impala is a medium-sized, slender antelope similar to the kob or Grant’s gazelle in build. The head-and-body length is around 130 centimetres (51 in). Impala reach approximately 75–92 centimetres (30–36 in) at the shoulder, . typically weigh 53–76 kilograms (117–168 lb) Males grow slender, lyre-shaped horns 45–92 centimetres (18–36 in) long. The horns, strongly ridged and divergent, are circular in section and hollow at the base. Their arch-like structure allows interlocking of horns, which helps a male throw off his opponent during fights; horns also protect the skull from damage.

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Weight 0.95 kg
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 20 cm


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