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Bronze sculptures of animals

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Bronze sculptures of animals

Bronze sculptures of animals

Collectible sculptures of animals from bronze were known in ancient Rome and Egypt
The grace and liveliness of this beautiful animal, preserved through the ages, ensures the plasticity of the material itself.

Filling the casting form, bronze – an alloy of copper with tin or another alloying element – exactly repeats all the smallest details of the sculpture.
The thinnest feathers, the flowering mane of the pacer, the graceful bend of the cat’s back can convey only metal.

This is what makes animals in bronze realistic. It is pleasant to look at them, it is pleasant to touch them. And it is not for nothing that touching the hoof of a horse rearing up, to an eagle’s head, to a lion’s mane is considered a kind of ritual.
It is customary to think that the lighted places on bronze sculptures are a sign that they can convey good luck and contribute to the fulfillment of desires.
Collectible sculptures of animals in bronze have the same qualities. Good luck has already settled on your desk or fireplace.
Animal souvenirs have long been popular in the world of finance, politics and art.
A bronze statuette of an animal can be a hint, a wish, a gratitude. Therefore, buying animal figures has become an elite trend.
In our store, they can be found in a wide range: both museum thumbnails and unique sculptures. Only quality remains the same.
Miniature bronze figures of animals, copies of famous statues – a good solution for those who decided to introduce immortal art in everyday life.

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