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Information on the care of bronze products


Bronze products value care not less, and perhaps even more, than products made from other metals.

Bronze and, therefore, products from it are not afraid of sunlight, because they do not let it pass, but reflect it.

Therefore, you should not be afraid that an object decorating a part of a room that is well illuminated by the sun may suffer from an excess of light.


In the same way, this material is not afraid and damp. Increased humidity over time generates a patina – a kind of shade acquired by bronze products.

Which may be bluish, brownish or greenish. Moreover, this is considered not a disadvantage, but an advantage, since gives the subject of art even

more charm, emphasizes its solid age and noble origin.

Moreover, many people have difficulty imagining these products without patina, so craftsmen often created special conditions for art objects in order to achieve the appearance of patina.


All this suggests that those who want to buy bronze products do not need to fear that the years will spoil their attractiveness.

From time to time, to restore the pristine shine, any bronze product can be wiped with a dry flannel to avoid stains from contact with wet skin.

If the flannel is not available in hard-to-reach places. Then use brushes with natural bristles, different sizes and the degree of stiffness of the pile.

For products with gilding and silvering, 2 different flannel rags are needed.

If gilding is applied to the product, the product should be taken only in cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints.

If the product consists of stone and bronze. Then it is preferable to take the product by the stone. Since the stone does not react with the skin of the hands, as a bronze product.

Specialists recommend cleaning products at least once a month.

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