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Bronze sculpture

Bronze is a metal alloy of copper with tin known since IV. century BC.At first, bronze was used to make household goods, tools and bells. Sculptors loved this material for its castability, being durable and the accuracy of reproducing plasticity of the composition.Bronze sculptures decorated homes of art connoiseurs and could be afforded only by the elite society.We offer replicas of the famous bronze sculptures which in their quality of performance are immensely close to the originals.And will create an atmosphere of sophisticated luxury at your home.

Bronze sculptures of animals

Filling the casting form, bronze – an alloy of copper with tin or another alloying element – exactly repeats all the smallest details of the sculpture.
The thinnest feathers, the flowering mane of the pacer, the graceful bend of the cat’s back can convey only metal.
This is what makes animals in bronze realistic. It is pleasant to look at them, it is pleasant to touch them.

Bronze vases

Art nouveau in the interior
Art nouveau in the interior is, first of all, an interlacing of fantastic images from which magnificent forms of virgins look, their languid eyes shine. And the lines smoothly turn into animals, birds, incredible castles and fancy clouds. Art nouveau in bronze is more strict than art nouveau paintings: the material dictates its rights. The art nouveau figurines have naturalness and plasticity, which before, the casting simply did not know. Interior “modern” sculpture, especially bronze modern, quite easy to learn.

Bronze clock

In the interior of a modern house, a bronze clock occupies a special place, symbolizing the continuity of generations, luxury and true nobility.
Such products made by the hands of real masters can be equated to works of art without exaggeration.

Animal collections in bronze

In our online store you can purchase various sculptures and statues of bronze. Different in the performance of artistic bronze casting, size and content. We have a wide selection of bronze figures of dogs, bronze cats, bronze birds, bronze deer, bears, fish and many other animals.
Statues, magnificently made of bronze, have always been a sign of taste and security of its owner. Durable material products, as well as the artistic value of products turn them into a family value, a relic.

Bronze candle holders

If you put and light candles in candlesticks, it will give any room the special atmosphere of past centuries, warmth and comfort.
The specific situation will help to distract from all day troubles and will help to relax. This bronze сandle holders will decorate any interior with its luxurious look.

Bronze caskets

Versatile and amazing – the keeper of jewelry and small items. In the gallery of original caskets with the author’s design. You will find a lot of a variety of bronze caskets. Each exhibit is created according to the author’s sketch, in the old art technique in accordance with modern technologies.

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About -Vega Line

About -Vega Line

Vega Line is a unique place where you can at any time convenient for you to purchase or order art and copyright bronze products to your taste and the content you need.

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