Bronze statuette Dachshund


  • Material and production: bronze, cast, patina, handmade
  • Dimensions: L.  5,118 in (13 cm) х W. 1,969 in (5 cm) х  H. 3,150 in (8 cm)
  • Weight: 0.600 kg
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Bronze statuette Dachshund

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Some writers and dachshund experts have theorized that the early roots of the dachshund go back to ancient Egypt. Where engravings were made featuring short-legged hunting dogs. In its modern incarnation, the dachshund is a creation of German breeders and includes elements of German, French, and English hounds and terriers. Dachshunds have been kept by royal courts all over Europe. Including that of Queen Victoria, who was particularly enamored of the breed.

The first verifiable references to the dachshund, originally named the “Dachs Kriecher” (“badger crawler”) or “Dachs Krieger” (“badger warrior”), came from books written in the early 18th century. Though the breed is famous for its use in exterminating badgers and badger-baiting. Dachshunds were also commonly used for rabbit and fox hunting. For locating wounded deer, and in packs were known to hunt game as large as wild boar and as fierce as the wolverine.

Dachshunds are playful, but as hunting dogs can be quite stubborn. Are known for their propensity for chasing small animals, birds, and tennis balls with great determination and ferocity.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 8 cm


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