Bronze sculpture The Central Asian Shepherd Dog


  • Material and production: bronze, cast, patina, handwork
  • Dimensions: L. 5,512 in (14 cm)  х W. 5,908 in (15 cm) х  H. 4,724 in (12 cm)
  • Weight: 1,1 kg
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Bronze sculpture The Central Asian Shepherd Dog

A good gift to the collection of animals and dog lovers

Bronze Dog Collection

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is an ancient breed of dog from the regions of Central Asia. Traditionally, the breed was used for guarding sheep and goat herds, as well as to protect and for guard duty.

Dogs for personal protection or working dogs originated from livestock guardian dogs, selectively bred by Russian breed experts for working abilities. As a result, they excel in obedience, territory protection, and personal protection, and are very intelligent. As such, they make perfect house dogs. They do not need any complicated training to learn basic house rules, and treat the owner with the same great respect with which their ancestors treated the herder. These dogs were introduced to the worldwide sheep breeding community with great success.

The Bronze sculpture The Central Asian Shepherd Dog –  is made of natural bronze.
The technology used is investment casting.
Metal processing techniques: expensive manual grinding, embossing, polishing, patina. All work 100% handmade. Unique processing technology and patina – the company’s own development. The color options of the metal are from light to dark brown patina.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 14 × 15 × 12 cm


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