Bronze sculpture Yorkshire Terrier


  • Material and production: bronze, cast, patina, handwork
  • Dimensions: L. 4,331  in (11 cm) х W. 1,969 in (5 cm) х  H. 4,331 in (11 cm)
  • Weight: 0,900 kg
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Bronze sculpture  Yorkshire Terrier

A good gift to the collection of animals and dog lovers

Bronze Dog Collection

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England. Ideally its maximum size is 7 pounds (3.2 kg).
The ideal Yorkshire Terrier character or “personality” is described with a “carriage very upright feisty” and “conveying an important air”.Though small, the Yorkshire Terrier is active, very overprotective, curious and fond of attention.

Yorkshire Terriers are an easy dog breed to train. This results from their own nature to work without human assistance. They are naturally smart and quick to learn with many being food and or praise motivated.
Yorkshire Terriers do tend to bark a lot. This makes them excellent watchdogs as they will sound the alarm when anyone gets close.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 11 cm


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