Hunting, bronze sculpture – Bronze Hunt of Kings

Once the kings of France pounded the “red beast”, a noble deer.
British aristocrats are famous for fox hunting, and German huntsmen have a nice fun, catching up with the boar.
Czech hunters are not far behind: handsome pheasants and ducks, huge black grouses, “forest cows” – mouflons and boars – cleavers, make a list of trophies.
Hunting … This is a passion of pursuit, overcoming difficulties, fighting with oneself and nature and, finally, a well-deserved prize.
No wonder the hunt in sculpture is an eternal movement, an eternal pursuit.

Refined aesthetics

Hunting, bronze sculpture – Giving souvenirs to hunters is a pleasure. After all, the scenes of hunting in bronze are what they will look at for many years – and remember themselves.
If you want to make a gift to a friend or relative who is keen on hunting; The best solution is to buy a bronze statuette.
Favorite hobby immortalized in precious metal, the best gift.

Bronze casting, due to the subtlety of detailing, allows you to transmit both the look of the setter, frozen over the partridge, and the moment of pheasant hunting.
Therefore, scenes of hunting in bronze are so often found in the offices of top managers.
The image of hunting in bronze is very dynamic.
For a sculptor, there is no greater happiness than to capture this brief moment of life, and leave it for centuries.
And finally, the hunt in the sculptural image – it’s just beautiful.
In contrast to the present, there is no cruelty, but only a refined aesthetics.
Therefore, deciding to buy a bronze statuette as a gift to a person who loves hunting. – You will make the right choice.

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