Horse bronze sculpture

Horses have appeared in works of art throughout history.
In our collection is a copy of the sculpture of Isidor Jules Bonera – Horse and the Rearing Horse – a model of a modern sculptor

Isidore Bonheur, is known as one of the 19th century’s most distinguished French animalier sculptors.He modeled his sculptures to catch movement or posture characteristic of the particular species. Isidore Bonheur achieved this most successfully with his sculptures of horses, usually depicted as relaxed rather than spirited, and which are among his most renowned works.

Emperor Caligula, who introduced his stallion Incicat into the senate. Made a consul and a citizen of Rome. I immortalized a horse in bronze.
And even the glory itself sits on the winged Pegasus in the Paris Louvre, sculptured in marble.
The Horses  bronze sculpture – are a symbol of good luck and victory, glory and power.
Sculptures horses are a gift of truly imperial nobility. Richard III, in the play of Shakespeare, offered half the kingdom for a horse. And it is worth it, even if this horse is made of bronze. In the form of sculpture, decorates your table, striving for prosperity and success.

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